Squad & Fitness Swimming

We offer a range of structured Squads for a range of swimming abiliities and aquatic goals. Please note that all of our squads have a minimum swimming ability requirement. 

All new swimmers require an assessment prior to being recommended a sqaud. 

For more information on our squad programme or to book an assessment please contact our

Head Coach Stefan Swanepoel via papamoaswimmingclub@hotmail.com. 





  • Refining competitive strokes
  • Competitive swimming skills
  • Training for targeted meets
  • Fostering a culture of commitment, attention to detail and good sportsmanship

$95 p/m

$65p/m once per week


(4-5 p/w)

  • Highest possible skill level in comp swimming events
  • Training for targeted swim meets
  • Fostering long term goals and aspirations to be a high-level    athlete
  • Demonstrating the PSC culture in the community

$115 p/m


(5-7 x p/w)

  • Focusing on achieving qualification and performing at regional and national swimming events such as BOP Champs, AIMS  games, NAGS, NZSC & Div2
  • Representing the club both at competitions and in the              community, while being positive role models for club members
  • Dryland trainng sessions added to programme

$120 p/m

Aqua Fit

13 yrs +

  • Workouts to improve swimming fitness 
  • Training for aquatic sports
  • Technique tips
  • 60mins sessions evening and mornings

(Bronze 2kms, Silver 2.5kms, Gold 3kms in the hour)

multiple p/w = $80 p/m 

1x p/w=$60p/m 

Adult Casual (16 yrs +)

  • Mon, Wed: 5.00am – 7.00am
  • Tues 5.45am - 7.15am
  •  Sat: 7am – 9am

(Must sign up as a member online)

$60 x 10 swims